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Coop grew up in the PNW, spending his younger years cutting his teeth amongst the craggy peaks and glaciated Cascade mountains. Those early experiences with friends set a tone of love, appreciation, and humility for wild spaces. Over the past decade, he has split his home between the San Juan Mountains of Colorado and the Pacific Northwest and in between, skis mountains all over the world. Professionally, Coop guides year round, teaches avalanche education courses across the US, works as an EMT, and teaches wilderness medicine courses. When he's not "on the clock", Coop can be found chasing thermals under a paraglider, climbing rock, and descending mountain slopes year round under the influence of gravity. And most importantly, spending time fostering relationships with friends amongst the wild and beautiful spaces we are fortunate to experience!

Coop has spent several seasons in Japan with his favorite and unmatched trifecta: culture,

food, and snow!

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