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Root & Rise

Escape from the daily grind and spend a long weekend grounded in the mountains. Join us for a multi-day excursion into the San Juan Mountains of Southwestern Colorado where you'll enjoy chef-prepared meals, stay in a lodge nestled at 11,100', unwind with daily yoga, and learn to forage wild medicines and craft your own herbal remedies. We will start our days with a grounding meditation practice before diving into a foraging practice - learning to correctly identify a variety of wild medicinal plants, and digging into all the practical skills one needs to wildcraft these plants in an ethical and sustainable manner. Then we will be processing and preparing several medicines with our botanical bounty. Preparation skills will be honed and many recipes will be shared so you can return home and DIY. 










4 days, 3 nights

September 10 - 13

San Juan Mountains


meals, accommodations, wildcrafting sessions, foraging tools, yoga


DAY 1 arrive at the lodge, enjoy a hike in the alpine, stretch on your mat with Raven, soak in the wood-fired hot tub, enjoy a welcome dinner and introductions, sip evening tea on the porch under admirable peaks DAY 2 breakfast, get moving on your yoga mat with Raven, learn about sustainable wildcrafing with Juli, enjoy a fresh lunch, meet the plants on an herb walk, feast in a family style, freshly foraged dinner, evening tea DAY 3 breakfast, enjoy morning movement and meditation with Raven, learn how to make tincures and salves using plants, lunch, enjoy a oils, vinegars, and honey plant medicine lesson, closing feast as a group, evening tea DAY 4 breakfast, extended yoga session with Raven, lunch & closing remarks


stay in one of the newest alpine guest lodges in the West

「 」

hike in the vast alpine of the San Juan Mountains

「 」

learn about the local flora and fauna

「 」

chef-prepared meals using locally sourced and sustainably foraged foods

「 」

fire up and unwind with daily yoga and mindfulness practices

The Team

Eric Johnson

Your chef

You don't meet many people like Eric in your lifetime. He is a force to be reckoned with - his name is all over the Eldorado climbing books, he's been an executive chef for top restaurants, and now he has materialized a dream of building and operating a guest lodge at 11,000'. He loves sharing his passion for top quality, nourishing food and you'll want to be there for it.

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Raven Cashen

Your yoga instructor

Raven believes in sparks – inner knowings, intuitive draws, and the soundless voice that leads us closer to our truths. In 2014, a spark for yoga led Raven to pursue a dedicated personal practice as a healing modality for physical, emotional, and mental health, which deeply inform Raven’s unique teaching style. Since becoming a 200 HR RYT she has continued her yogic education through additional training in Trauma-Informed Yoga, attending yoga retreats both nationally and internationally, as well as studio teaching throughout the West. When Raven is not in the studio she is pursuing her passion for skiing and climbing in the alpine. 

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Julie Peterson

Your everything plants resource

Julie is a real life medicine woman. A deep interest turned passion for the natural world drove Julie to create Singing Springs Botanicals - a line of 100% natural, organic and wild, herbal products for wellbeing. Julie handcrafts each healing product with thoughtful and considerate attention and reverence for the plants and their ecosystems. When she's not fully immersed in her workshop, greenhouse, or with the plants, Julie can be found climbing or skiing and brightening the room. 

 "Time wandering in wild places, wildcrafting, and creating medicines nourishes my body, mind, and soul."

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you accommodate special diets and restrictions?

Yes! We are happy to accommodate special diets and restrictions such as vegetarian, vegan, dairy free, gluten free, peanut free, etc. Just let us know. 

All meat is provided by Uncompahgre Farms.

Non foraged produce is provided by Ultreia Farmstead.

What are accommodations like?

Mount Hayden Backcountry Lodge is an eco-lodge at 11,100' in the San Juan Mountains. The lodge is equipped with electricity, running water, satellite internet, AND a wood-fired hot tub. Access to the lodge is by 4x4 vehicle on Imogene Pass or hike-to. If you choose to hike in to the lodge, your luggage can be transported to meet you upon arrival instead of packing it in. 

This retreat has bunk room sleeping arrangements. 

What about COVID?

We ask that people provide either a proof of vaccination or negative COVID test. 

How did you come up with this?

We brought together some of the most inspiring locals here to bring you an experience of a lifetime. Learn about the amazing medicinal and nutritious properties of wild plants from a responsible herbalist and Ayurvedic practitioner. Enjoy meals prepared by a former executive chef who listened to his calling to live in the mountains. Practice yoga with a life-long student of the practice. 

Sounds amazing! Where do I sign up?

Please send us an email at to claim your spot! You will receive an invoice and confirmation email. 

What is not included in the trip price?

Alcohol (the lodge has a full bar)

Trip Insurance


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